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With roots planted firmly in the prairie soil of Hafford, Saskatchewan, Jason and Jordan Gall, along with their long-time friend/neighbor Elias Brevik and British Columbia transplant Kit Langfield, have crafted a sound that is uniquely their own.  The Brothers G seamlessly blend the raw grit of a gravel road with the soulful resonance of the blues and the all-out intensity of rock 'n' roll.  Jason’s vocals, dripping with honey and laced with whiskey, possess a depth and strength that belies his age, channeling the soul of a seasoned bluesman. Jordan, the man behind the drums, is a force of nature, pounding out rhythms that'll rattle your fillings while belting out vocals with more of a moonshine punch.  Elias's swinging bass and soulful slide guitar will make your soul groove and your feet move. Kit, the most recent addition to the group, brings a punk rock edge while also providing lush sonic texturing on keyboards, guitar, and mandolin.


From jam sessions in their parents' garage, to a relatively unknown opening act, to raising hell as backup musicians for local singer-songwriters including Jolie Blue and Will Ardell, these boys have come a long way and have worked hard to earn their place in the spotlight.  They have played festivals like Ness Creek, Tralapa and Moosefest and have been played on independent radio stations across Canada.    The Brothers G have garnered acclaim for their high energy live performances, approachable stage presence and relatable lyrics.  “Postcard” was chosen as a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Competition in 2021 and “Autumn Conversations” was recently chosen as a semi-finalist in the 2023 International Songwriting Competition.  The Brothers G have also been featured by North Sask Music Zine on numerous occasions including getting the January 2024 cover. 


 “The music from The Brothers G balances on the razor-thin edge of blues, rock, country, and any other genre the common Saskatchewanian…may be drawn towards.” (Casey Ling, NSMZ) 


“...the record has a rawness to it. The organic nature of the whole thing has blues/rock leanings… but also has a kind of psychedelic edge letting everything all hang out… with a touch of twang and some garage rock thrown in for good measure.” (Scott Roos, NSMZ)   


Whether kicking it up on stage or getting down to business in the studio, The Brothers G continue to push the boundaries of their craft.  Their latest self-titled album was recorded live at their home studio, Powder Room Studios.  Mixed by Jordan and mastered by Colin Klassen, the album captures the wild intensity of a live performance while showcasing the band's growth and maturity as artists. 



Meet the Fellas 

Jason Gall- Guitar, Vocals 


Jordan Gall- Drums, Percussion,Vocals 


Elias Brevik- Bass, Lap Steel, Pedal Steel, Vocals


Kit Langfield- Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboards, Vocals

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